Sometimes life gets a little hot!

As a facilitator with over 15 years of experience I've worked with hundreds of people: individuals, couples, and groups. These people range in age from teenagers to senior citizens; stay-at-home moms (yes, they do still exist) to rocket scientists (I'm serious)!

What I've seen over and over is people who enter with a strong opinion and a situation that feels intractable. They may feel deep sadness or anger or regret. And all of this may have been going on for years.

Most of people can make a big shift within just a few hours. In fact one comment that came from a woman I facilitated was that she and her husband had attended CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) sessions once a week for a year and she got more in the 1.5 hours we were together than she got in that entire year. Wow!

Another insightful evening and left feeling jazzed and excited about my life. Makes you feel more empowered to find your own happiness.

- JV, Los Gatos, CA

The work we did with you was extremely helpful in changing both of our attitudes...Thank you for your insight and forthrightness, both of which we sorely needed and from which we benefited greatly.

- CD, Redwood City

Jane has great presence and facilitator skills working with groups. She is especially effective working with them to both educate and make it relevant to them individually and in their context. She is adept at helping participants get deep and game changing results.

- Karen Mathews, Palo Alto

Game Changing Results:
  • grandparents re-united with their children and grandchildren
  • co-parenting after divorce or separation
  • couples reuniting, re-commiting
  • new work opportunities
  • reduced stress and anxiety
  • forgiveness, empathy, and connection

Lessen the quantity of unnecessary thoughts and allow more space for the energy of love to flow within you.

The point of power is always in the present moment.
Louise Hay

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