Living in Alignment with Love

A commitment to live your life from a place of love shifts everything.

When we realize that it only takes one person to shift a situation; one person who is willing to be compassionate; one person who can model transparency. One person who refuses to demonize another human being. It makes us more willing to step up. Step up to do the heavy lifting that is required to move the 12 to 13 inches from our heads to our hearts!

Learning to open our hearts, to live from that space of knowing is a gift that we give to ourselves, to our community and the world.

You choose the goals, the direction that you want to stretch - the dream you want to live. I supply structure and support and nurturing. A mentoring relationship where you can celebrate your successes, see the beauty in what seems to be a misstep.


Jane is someone who I trust with all my heart. She has been my teacher in many ways, including the ability to hug. She is the best hugger I have ever met and through her I realized and learned what a true hug is.

In times of misalignments and misunderstandings with my wife, Jane gave me something wonderful and priceless. She gave me her unconditional love, she heard me without wanting to fix me or my relationship and quietly held the space for me to heal as I expressed my hurts and emotions. The most beautiful part of her is her powerful, loving presence. Through that presence she was able to love me and my wife without taking sides and was able to fully understand both of us even when she was only getting my side of the story. I could go on an on about all the respect and love I feel for Jane but words aren't enough to express the deep gratitude I have for her amazing gifts.

Jose, Cupertino, CA

Jane's strongest attribute is her commitment and willingness to work with the issue until it is resolved.

It is easy to stop at the first moment of relief from a long standing issue because it feels so good; however, it is at that point Jane inspires you to completion to receive the unimagined rewards.-

Dan G.

Jane has chosen to serve not simply by enrolling in more and more training in different modalities, but by taking on every soul, emotional, physical issue that may prevent her from being an enlightened channel of purity through hands and heart. I have witnessed this process and am profoundly impressed and motivated by the results. She is really an example that idea 'live the change you want to see in others. -

Jodie Archer, Mountain View, CA

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Move the 12 inches from your head to your heart.